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March 11, 2003.

Articles From 2000
Title     Author     Publication Date    
The New School Prayer December,2000
Cheerleading, A Distraction! by Cecil Smith December,2000
It Is Not Enough by Paul O. Nichols November, 2000
Does Jesus Really Love Us? by Richard Nichols November, 2000
An Empty Cup Means Nothing by Richard Nichols October, 2000
The Message and the Messenger by Jeff Thompson September, 2000
What is That in Thine Hand? by Paul O. Nichols August, 2000
Spiritual Gifts by Nathan Weaver July, 2000
Questions From Nigeria   July, 2000
Heaven by Aaron Risener June, 2000
Lord, Thou Knowest That I Love Thee by Gary D. Weaver May, 2000
The Abortion Business by Richard Nichols May, 2000
Sound The Trumpet by Jeff Thompson April, 2000
A Letter From Death Row by David Duren March, 2000
"I've Got Something To Tell You, But Don't Tell Anyone Else!" by Floyd Harris Jr. February, 2000
There's An Eye Watching You by Richard Nichols February, 2000
Hellfire And Brimstone Preaching by Richard Nichols January, 2000
When The Disciples Came Together To Break Bread by Kevin Presley January, 2000