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Last updated:
March 11, 2003.

Articles From 1998 and Before
Title     Author     Publication Date    
Modest Apparel - part 2 by J. Wayne McKamie December, 1998
Modest Apparel - part 1 by J. Wayne McKamie November, 1998
If Christ Had Not Come! by Billy Orten October, 1998
Seven Woes   October, 1998
Worldliness by Richard Nichols September, 1998
The Naked Truth Saloon   September, 1998
Forgiving One Another by Randy Tidmore August, 1998
The Purposes of Baptism by Anthony Brockett August, 1998
Is Baptism Essential for Salvation? by Anthony Brockett July, 1998
Waiting On The Lord's Table by Richard Nichols July, 1998
Jimmy and Raymond At School   July, 1998
God's Way Is Sufficient by Irvin Barnes June, 1998
Holding The Church Hostage by Richard Nichols May, 1998
The Blessing of Church Discipline by Richard Nichols April, 1998
Not Forsaking the Assembling by Paul O. Nichols September, 1997
The Christian View of Homosexuality by Richard F. Nichols September, 1997
Blessed Are the Peacemakers by Richard F. Nichols August, 1997
Series on Conversion:    
  4.An Illustration of Conversion by Richard Nichols August, 1997
  3.Conversion by Richard Nichols July, 1997
  2.Conversion by Richard Nichols June, 1997
  1."Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?" by Richard Nichols May, 1997
May We Change The Lord's Supper? by Irvin Barnes February, 1997
The Nurture and Admonition of The Lord by Philip Prince February, 1997
By Grace Ye Are Saved by Gene Grant December, 1996
The Second Coming of Christ by Rick Martin December, 1996
When Baptism Is Unnecessary by George Battey November, 1996
The Pillar and Ground of the Truth by Greg Jordan August, 1996
The Psychic Solution by Greg Jordan May, 1996
Marks of Identification by Richard Nichols May, 1996
The Question of Divorce and Remarriage by Paul O. Nichols December, 1995
The Wall of Partition by Richard Nichols March, 1995
A Tale of Three Cities by Billy D. Dickinson December, 1994
Are We Keeping a Record? by Greg Jordan April, 1994
Holy Spirit Baptism (Part II) by Richard Nichols April, 1994
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Richard Nichols March, 1994
According to The Pattern by Greg Jordan November, 1993
There Will Be No Preaching In Heaven by Richard Nichols November, 1993
They Found Not The Body by Richard Nichols October, 1993
The Name of Christ by Richard F. Nichols  ?
Controversy Over Baptism by Richard Nichols  ?
Honor Thy Parents by Steven R. Bowen  ?
Contending For The Faith by Cecil Smith  ?