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June 2005

What's New?
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  • The Christian Informer is now maintained on the server.  This has reduced the cost and time delays while increasing visibility.  There are volunteers overseeing and posting articles.  All correspondence goes to Bill Fergerson, the publisher, except for monthly email broadcast which is administered by David Risener

  • Be sure to check out our Links Page for additional sources of useful information and instruction on a number of web sites maintained by associated brethren.

  • The daily Bible reading page is a good place to go for a link to a selected Bible passage. If you read each day's selection, you will read the entire Bible through in a year. If you are not currently on a Bible reading plan, we encourage you to start today!  Links off of the daily Bible reading page are not associated with the Christian Informer.

  • If you would like to receive the monthly issues by e-mail, Click HERE, and please include your name, your e-mail address and your location (City and State or Country).  The information you provide will remain private and will not be revealed to anyone who is not directly involved with the publication of this newsletter. You will not be added to any other mailing lists, nor will you be contacted by us except for matters concerning your subscription.  This e-mail service is provided totally free of charge for anyone who requests it.

  • Help spread the word! If you enjoy this site and find it useful, please tell someone else about it. Also, we would like to hear your ideas for improving it, any features you would like to see added, and any other comments you may have. Criticisms and suggestions will be cheerfully received and considered.

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